Value Creation from an Implemented Holistic Sand Strategy – A Case Study

This paper will follow on from “Sand Management in Petronas – Challenging the Status Quo” presented at SMN in 2016, which discussed the development of a sand management pilot project. It will…

Why real time H2S monitoring is the future?

Everyone is telling me that the robots are coming to steal our jobs. Whether it is in the media or on LinkedIn everyone is talking about automation. Automation is driving efficiency in…
It can be said that Solids Management is very much like a game of chess; a methodical approach is required to ensure that you don't over expose your most valuable assets and…
At SMS, we have consistently delivered high quality erosion and corrosion services to our clients in the Oil and Gas community. The complexity of each job varies from one to the next,…

Hook Up and Systems Integration – The Role of a Specialist

Written by
I am an expert.…not in an abundance of subject matters …. but in a specialist niche craft that is my metier. As a Project Engineer specialising in the hook-up and integration of…

Making Sense of "Big Data"

Written by
It’s often said that we are now in the age of “Big Data” with organisations scrambling around to get as much data from various sources as possible. However, having vast amounts of…

Why Sand Erosion Probes Don’t Work

When using erosion probes for sand monitoring you need to understand how they work. The measuring element erodes as sand particles impact on it. You’re probably thinking this is a rather strange…

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