SMS SMART Software - Data Acquisition

SMS SMART Software collects and correlates the data from multiple sensors. By integrating with your own systems it provides you with a complete picture of what is happening, enabling faster and more accurate decision making.




All Your Sensor Data in One Place

Our state-of-the-art, multifunctional application allows us to pull the data from multiple sensors into one piece of software. We offer a complete suite of sensor services, all integrated in to one single piece of software.

You can immediately see all the data from all the sensors on the same graph and because our software correlates all the information for you, it makes decision making quicker and easier.

By integrating wireless and wired sensing for sand and corrosion such as Real Time Wall Thickness Monitoring, Acoustic Sensors and Intrusive Erosion Probes as well as solids sampling, 3D wall thickness mapping, oil in water, H2S/CO2 and hydrates management into our proprietary SMS SMART Software, along with the inspection data, we are in a unique position to collate the data from these multiple sensors to give a more accurate picture of sand production and its effects.

The more data you can collect from multiple sources the more complete your picture of what is happening. One set of data alone may not be significant but by combining them you may identify otherwise overlooked issues.

Avoid Duplication - Reduce Costs

With all your sensors feeding data to one single piece of software, you will not only reduce your systems costs but you can also streamline your hardware and staff costs. Multiple sensors can be monitored by just one software program, one laptop, one person, one interface and one supplier.

Real Time for Faster Decisions

SMS SMART Software allows us to monitor the data in real time on site, onshore, in our office or in your office – wherever you like. All we need is an internet connection.

With the ability to collect data from any sensor, SMS SMART Software collates your data using multiple communication protocols and real-time alarming calculations. We can then use the results from multiple sensors to demonstrate trends and explain data spikes much more accurately, identifying potential problems fast.

Integration With Your Systems

Our software integrates with any DAQ (Data Acquisition System) system you already use, so that you can view your data on a familiar interface alongside the other information you already gather.

Remote Monitoring

If there are difficulties getting on site or POB issues, we can install equipment and monitor data remotely, providing savings on operation costs, and avoiding travel and visa complications.

Key Features

  • Real-time
  • Fully interactive timeline reporting
  • Intelligent alarming to spot anomalies
  • Interface can be tailored to client requirements
  • Can be remotely monitored
  • Inputs data from multiple sensors (acoustic, intrusive, UT etc.)
  • Web-based system allows data to be viewed globally
  • 3D interface of sensor locations and data
  • Output interfaced into client acquisition system


Combined Acoustic and Intrusive Sand Monitoring System - I-ART

SMS pioneered the use of the combined Acoustic and Intrusive Sand monitoring system – I-ART. The I-ART system is unique in that both acoustic and intrusive technologies are used together for a best in class quality of service. SMS recommend using a dual acoustic sensor and single intrusive configuration using our pioneering I-ART integrated system where solids monitoring is of paramount importance.


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