SMS SMART Software - Data Acquisition

The SMS data acquisition software efficiently gathers and correlates data from various sensors. It provides users with a holistic overview of ongoing processes. This integration facilitates faster and more accurate decision-making, empowering organisations with actionable insights.

Centralized Sensor Data Repository

The application effortlessly gathers data from different sensors and puts it all together in one easy-to-use platform. With a complete set of sensor services integrated into a single software solution, users can see data from different sensors on a single graph instantly. The software helps make decisions faster and more efficiently by connecting the dots between the data points. It simplifies the process, making it user-friendly for quick and effective decision-making.

By utilising both wireless and wired sensing technologies, such as Real-Time Wall Thickness Monitoring, Acoustic Sensors, Intrusive Erosion Probes, H2S Analyzer, Real-Time Particle Size and Liquid Analyzer and Online Sand Sampling, our proprietary software sets us apart by also including inspection data. This unique combination enables us to collect information from various sensors, providing a more precise picture of sand production and its effects. In simpler terms, we gather diverse data to better understand what's happening with sand production.

By bringing together data from different sources, better understanding can be gained of what's happening in the processes. Relying on just one set of data might not show the whole picture, combining different datasets helps to identify potential issues that might miss otherwise.

Avoid Duplication - Reduce Costs

Cutting down on repetition saves you money. When all your sensors send data to one software, you not only lower your system costs but also make things more efficient. You can monitor multiple sensors with just one program, one laptop, one person, one interface, and one supplier. It's all about simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Real Time for Faster Decisions

The SMS SMART Software lets you keep an eye on data in real time, whether you're on-site, onshore, at your office, or anywhere else – as long as you have an internet connection.

This software can gather data from any sensor and organise it using different communication methods. It calculates real-time alarms. By looking at the results from various sensors, trends can be spotted easily and explain sudden changes in data, quickly pinpointing potential issues.

System Integration

Our software seamlessly works with any existing Data Acquisition System (DAQ) you use. This means you can see your data on the same interface you're already familiar with, alongside the other information you routinely collect.

Remote Monitoring

If there are difficulties getting on-site or personnel on board (POB) issues, we can install equipment and monitor data remotely, providing savings on operation costs, and avoiding travel and visa complications.



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