Sand Injection Calibration

Regular calibration of the sand monitoring system can boost the production flow rate while lowering the integrity risk caused by sand erosion.

Along with the standard calibration procedure, SMS also offers services for Sand Injection Calibration for acoustic sand detectors which involve injecting gel containing a set concentration of sand suspended within into the system to calibrate it. By converting the raw data into a quantitative value, this technique enables you to quantify the volume of sand production in your pipeline and, at the same time, improves the accuracy of the data used in the integrity evaluation process.

The injection rate can go up to 70litres per hour with multiple injection rates option. Our highly qualified personnel will ensure your systems are tuned and optimised to function at the highest design specification quickly and accurately.


  • Injection rate up to 70 litres per hour
  • Multiple injection rates option
  • High Flow Pump: 336 LPH @ 62 Bar
  • Low Flow Pump: 86 LPH @ 134 Bar

System Overview

SMS Sand Injection System allows for the safe displacement of a known volume of gel containing a set concentration of sand suspended within. A pump system set at a specific displacement rate applies a known volume of liquid, at pressure, to the backside of piston displacement cylinder. On the front side of the piston displacement cylinder is the sand injection gel which is then displaced into the process system. This set-up is used to support the calibration and validation of Acoustic Sand Detectors.

Product Benefits

  • Quick and easy fill/refill system
  • Portable, simple and effective design
  • Constant sand concentration injected over set time
  • After sales support and training
  • Spare parts and maintenance options available
  • Real time sampling data
  • Non-intrusive


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