Sand Monitoring and Sand Management Services

Sand Monitoring and Sand Management Services

We have a respected heritage of sand monitoring and sand management expertise along with modular flow assurance sensor and analytics capability. We also offer hydrate inhibitor monitoring, H2S Monitoring, Wall Thickness Monitoring and bespoke monitoring programmes for well services and optimisation projects.

Our experience in different sensing technologies allows us to provide a range of products to illuminate one particular problem. By integrating the data from multiple sensors we can demonstrate the complete picture to facilitate accurate decision making and the selection of effective solutions.

Knowledge and Expertise

By truly understanding our clients’ requirements we apply impartial and innovative solutions using proven technology, unparalleled domain knowledge and a dedication to service excellence.

Our experienced team with its unique blend of specialisms is always happy to take on the challenge of finding solutions to the more unusual problems our clients present to us.


  • Proserv Sampling and Injection Solutions

    Proserv Sampling and Injection Solutions

     An exceptional range of sampling products is readily available for operations across Malaysia.


  • Real -Time Particle Size & Liquid Analyser

    Real -Time Particle Size & Liquid Analyser

    Enables the collection of Total Suspended Solids (TSS) and Particle Size Distribution (PSD) data directly from process lines in real-time.

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  • H2S Monitoring

    H2S Monitoring

    Latest technology provides the ultimate safe option for flexible and accurate H2S monitoring.

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  • Sand Monitoring

    Sand Monitoring

    Improve asset longevity. Reduce downtime, reduce spend on costly repairs and replacements.

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  • Sand Management Consultancy

    Sand Management Consultancy

    We provide a proactive and holistic approach to long-term sand management. By identifying major problems and providing a programme of solutions, we help you anticipate and mitigate future unexpected costs.

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Data Visibility

We analyse integrated data using SMART software to provide award-winning visualisation, reporting and understanding – creating a truly interactive, immersive experience.

Data Visibility See The Bigger Picture

Data Visibility