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Offshore Peninsular Malaysia Case Study - Real Time Particle Size & Liquid Analyser

Many offshore oil and gas fields producing high sand or solids are not currently measuring Particle Size Distribution (PSD) due to high levels of contaminaiton in the process medium. The Real Time PSD Analyser works on the principle of presenting solids entrained in fluid (hydrocarbon and/or water) between a high intensity light source and a microscopic camera to measure particle size and concentration without breaking containment

Location: Offshore Malaysia
Industry: Oil & Gas

Wells Production Optimisation - Medium Pressure Compression Pressure Reduction Campaign 

Wells Production Optimisation - MP Compression Pressure Reduction Campaign 

A North Sea Sand Management Case Study

One of the UK’s largest gas storage field is currently approaching the end of its field life. Well integrity issues and an aging asset validate the requirement to recover the remaining gas from the reservoir prior to decommissioning.

SMS Oilfield provided onshore consultancy support during multi-disciplininary risk assessments which extended to offshore support during critical phases of well start-up and at the initial pressure reduction phase to ensure a 24hrs coverage. 

The global exploration for oil and gas includes a growing number of Sour Fields. H2S is a colourless gas that is highly corrosive and flammable, one breath can be lethal at concentrations as low as 100ppm.             

Location:             United Arab Emirates    

The Client:          Middle East Operator    

SMS deliver real-time integrity and solids production monitoring for Middle East Operator to enhance efficiency of solids management and ensure integrity of well test pipework.

Real time sanding information was of particular importance to an international operator as it allowed them to monitor and control drawdown with respect to sand production for their open-hole completed wells, after suspending a previous well test due to tubing sand-up. Sand production was instantaneously detected at surface using ultra-sonic sand monitors and subsequent trending enabled timely decisions on drawdown and choke management to achieve maximum sand free rates for all wells. With the real-time knowledge of the wells sanding tendencies, the operator and well test company were able to optimise well test results through efficient operation of surface equipment by mitigating potential threats of erosion, sand deposition and environmental hazards.

Frac Ops - Tight Gas Field

Sensing and analytics packages integrated seamlessly for remote access and results visualisation.

We delivered a comprehensive service platform integrating cutting edge instrument technology and software capability to collect, connect and integrate data for our client. This resulted in increased uptime and operational efficiency.

By using multiple sensing arrays tied into IT Infrastructure to enable office based management and reporting we saved bed space offshore, and reduced the cost of offshore personnel during a long project. Instant data, fast response and alarming for operational events were all still available along with accurate decision making capability.

Through a phased investigation both onshore and offshore, the sand management team were tasked with identifying the root cause of sand production and predominant sand producing wells. While identifying the root cause, the team were to provide recommendations on how to manage the sand going forward and implement the respective improvement plan.




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