Subsea Corrosion and Cathodic Protection Monitoring System

SMS Team / June 16, 2017

Here are some photos of the subsea corrosion and cathodic protection monitoring system (CPMS) SMS deployed for its client exactly 3 years ago today.

The bespoke turn-key monitoring solution was engineered to monitor the internal corrosion, pressure, and cathodic protection efficiency of a sealed 300,000 bbl subsea oil storage tank. The subsea electronics module or pod has a design life of 25 years. Data sets from the tank’s internal sensing array are handed off to the topsides integrated control and safety system via the subsea a umbilical tether unit (SUTU).

In the photos you can see the subsea electronics pod immediately prior to being hoisted up to the tank penetrator in Lerwick. The pod is the “brain” of the system marshalling power and data between the tank internal sensing array and the topsides data processing unit. The 10,000 tonne storage tank is seen arriving in Shetland on the giant heavy lifts transport vessel.One of the largest float-on/float-off vessels in the world, her displacement of 47,285 tonnes made theXiang Yun Kouthe biggest displacement tonnage ship to berth alongside at Lerwick.

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