In the presence of air and moisture, sour gas (H2S) has the aptitude to corrode internal surfaces of various components while developing a hazardous atmosphere that will impact personnel health and safety. Detecting and monitoring H2S gas at an early stage will provide an instantaneous alarm for life-critical safety scenarios and potentially premature failure to well test engineers.

Constant, Accurate Data with H2S Gas Analyser

SMS modular concept solutions are fully-automated and built to not only analyse the H2S gas but also CO2 (Carbon dioxide), C1(Methane), C2(Ethane), C3(Propane) and C4(Butane) gas remotely, safely and accurately throughout unmanned operations. The portable equipment comes with ultra-compact features, making it easy to transport for multiple field usage.

Real-time data can be acquired from the separator to provide a clear and fast measure to improve decision-making. The approach comes with calibration options that can be tailored to meet your specific well requirements with compelling zero-emission capability in supporting your well test operations.

A side stream setup, connected via small-bore pipework, the H2S gas analyser can be installed either temporarily or permanently on the process pipework.

Process Improvements

Our solution is suitable for application in both Central Prosessing Facilities (CPF) and hazardous offshore environment.

We have taken advantage of the latest technology to provide flexible and accurate H2S and CO2 gas monitoring

  • Portable equipment can move from site to site
  • Fully variable monitoring can be recalibrated to meet specific well requirements
  • Higher resolution ensures you are measuring H2S gas only
  • Seamlessly integrate with your current monitoring system
  • Specific gravity for accuracy : ±0.5% 
  • Capable of measuring as low as 0 to 100ppm of H2S gas

Gathering H2S gas data remotely at an early stage in the production process can

  • Reduce the number of people on-site
  • Provide immediate, real-time information
  • Improve safety
  • Increase revenue



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