Sand Management Consultancy

Long Term Cost Reduction

We provide a proactive and holistic approach to long-term sand management. By identifying major problems and providing a programme of solutions, we help you anticipate and mitigate future unexpected costs.

Production Optimisation - The Bigger Picture

Our unique approach to sand management involves an in-depth investigation into the real cause of your problem, helping you make the right decision for the future rather than simply resorting to short-term monitoring or removal.

Sometimes, a costly sand removal package is not the solution. SMS have a reputation for providing alternatives, new ideas and solutions to replace some of the traditional methods being used. We offer our clients the best solution based on our expert interpretation and understanding of the data. A costly sand removal project isn’t always the only option; in many cases, small adjustments will bring about the required production optimisation.

Using ongoing data acquisition and analysis along with constant optimisation, sand limits can be adjusted dynamically.


Our approach aids collaboration between departments and facilitates collaboration between production, integrity, facilities and reservoir teams; working together to discuss the data and work out why the problems identified by the data are occurring.

The ultimate aim of this approach is to work with the production engineers responsible for managing a well to:

  • reduce integrity defects
  • avoid filling a well with sand because it’s been produced too hard
  • help departments collaborate so common problems are shared and costs are reduced.
  • make better decisions - faster.
  • achieve improved production levels.

Sand Management Under Control 

Our Sand Management Consultancy can be deployed to support either individual well sand production, or can be rolled out to an entire platform or field to define a holistic sand management strategy.

We also have experience in FEED design and recommendations, brown fields and marginal field development. By bringing in our experts at the start of a project, you can maximize production from day one.

Our full packages will provide you with the infrastructure to continue with a suitable, sustainable programme for managing sand and provide knowledge transfer via workshops and relatable equipment training. 

Reduced Erosion And Deposition Risk

Our risk evaluation methodology and experience is based around our holistic approach.

We can identify high-risk locations for erosion based on an unexpected increase in sand production. By running theoretical erosion calculations to reduce the high-risk areas to critical areas we make recommendations for better monitoring and/or new design of equipment or erosion resistant materials.

We have also assisted companies that are producing wells conservatively in the fear of sand production. We improved their monitoring system to increase reassurance of results, and then worked through a number of wells and identified where production and flow rates could be increased with low risk of sand.

With ongoing data and expert analysis we can bring about increased certainty around production levels.

See examples of our Sand Management Consultancy in action. 



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