Imperative Call on Sustainability

SMS Team / February 15, 2022

Everyone should increase their environmental, social and governance efforts (ESG) and SMS too is purposeful about sustainability and holds strong ethical standards in helping our clients achieve their climate change goals. This is achieved by unifying intelligence sensors with digital workflows that conform to each phase of the asset life cycle. At SMS, we never fail to reinforce innovations in digital system solutions that underpin creating a pathway to net-zero emissions.

On top of working with our clients to address their goals of efficiency and operational excellence, we aspire to advocate for a low carbon landscape to uphold a more sustainable environment in the near and long-term future. SMS is dedicated to conducting and growing the business by adopting good industry practices at every stage of the business process and operations through safety, operation, environment, human rights and technology. 

Our people are our assets. We continuously implement and maintain high working standards that comply with the organisational health and safety framework to eliminate hazards and risks throughout the workplace and during offsite operations. Any breach of safety standards is taken seriously and will result in profound consequences. 

By integrating excellent management and process systems across all business functions, we strictly adhere to the global operating standards in our daily operations. These are governed by SMS’s practices and when appropriate, our client’s practices. 

SMS’s goal is to leave positive impacts on society and the environment in what we do. Concerning the rise of digitisation, we strongly encourage our employees, clients and partners to continuously choose sustainable approaches in every decision-making process and system solution. 

Human Rights 
We practice a fair operating system and treatment regardless of skin colour, race, gender, age and religion, both internally and externally. We respect every individual equally and are dedicated to continuously reviewing and updating our policies, procedures and benefits to add value to our employees.

Our resolute team strives for continuous innovation to best match our client needs in providing solutions modeled around specific objectives and requirements. We provide complete solutions that integrate data creation, data gathering, and data analysis processes that result in minimising risk, increasing efficiency and optimising client’s productivity. 

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