Proserv Subsea Sampling Skid

SMS Team / May 21, 2024

Don't let restrictions in the pipeline limit or hamper your productivity. When there’s debris and wax buildup, corrosion, or mechanical damage, your operations can suffer from reduced flow rates, increased pressure drop, and expensive repairs.

Each oil and gas field's hydrocarbon varies in its chemical composition. Obtaining samples for reassurance can offer long-term benefits by safeguarding the pipeline and preventing the need for costly replacements. For example, an operator experienced a 75% drop in production due to wax accumulation. Sampling operation was challenging and thus the turnaround time to obtain the results necessary to develop a wax mitigation program was too long and resulted in a multi-million dollar pipeline replacement due to the damage incurred.

The Proserv Subsea Sampling Skid offers a solution tailored to overcome these obstacles. Designed to capture accurate samples from subsea environments despite pipeline restrictions and operational challenges, this system can securely capture representative samples for compositional analysis under PVT conditions. Without the need for surface fluid transfer, it can be transported directly to laboratories, ensuring efficiency and accuracy every step of the way.

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