Proserv Sand Injection Units Available

SMS Team / February 23, 2024

Sand Injection Calibration is an operation that is conducted to convert acoustic sand detector data from a qualitative to a quantitative value. The process involves injecting known quantities of sand into a flowline downstream of the sand detector location. This process is repeated as necessary and the response in the signal is combined with process information to output sand rate in grams/second.

SMS currently has 4 units of Sand Injection Calibration systems in our workshop in KSB, in Terengganu. This service will allow operators to quantify their daily, weekly, or monthly sand production volumes and thus optimize their oil and gas production. In addition, the sand rate (g/s) is a key input into Erosion Modelling programs therefore giving added benefit to operators.

If you are looking for precise sand data for your pipeline, feel free to contact us for further inquiries. Our Sand Management specialist are committed to providing solutions that enhance accuracy and reliability in your decision-making processes.

You may even reach out to Jonathan Ambrose CMgr MCMI or Adam Taha for a quick discussion on this service.