ProFisc: Sample Cylinder for Group 1 Sampling

SMS Team / November 21, 2023

Achieving precision and reliability in sample collection is no longer a challenge in the testing and analysis phase of the production process. The utilisation of a sample cylinder equipped with an integrated flush valve can help to thoroughly eliminate any residual material from previous samples or contaminants. This cleansing process ensures that the cylinder is perfectly clean for the next sampling job.

By effectively flushing out any residual material from previous tests, the cylinder maintains its original state, eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. This not only ensures the accuracy and dependability of each sample but also contributes to the overall success of testing and analysis procedures in oil and gas production.

If you’re looking for a durable sampling cylinder that could take precise samples of hazardous materials with precision, our ProFisc single piston sample cylinder is the perfect choice for you. Consult us to explore how our advanced sampling technology can enhance the accuracy and efficiency of your testing processes.