Bespoke Monitoring for uninterrupted surveillance of sand production and erosion-corrosion

SMS Team / November 21, 2023

Continuous monitoring of asset health is crucial in safeguarding the integrity of offshore assets. It not only mitigates the risks of equipment failure but also extends the life cycle of key infrastructure.

At SMS, we understand the critical nature of this task and we are proud to introduce our solution that goes beyond conventional monitoring. Our innovative approach includes an external power source package that seamlessly integrates with our monitoring solutions, ensuring continuous functionality. This approach ensures uninterrupted surveillance of sand production and prevents erosion-corrosion in the most challenging offshore locations.

Our bespoke monitoring packages are designed to identify and address issues in real-time, even in environments where electrical power is limited or entirely absent. This solution is also suitable for enhancing safety and reducing costs by maintaining visibility in remote or satellite platforms without the need for frequent site visits.

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