Your Trusted Partner for Safe Sour Gas Handling and Real-time Asset Protection

SMS Team / October 31, 2023

At SMS, we take pride in our extensive expertise in safely and effectively handling sour gas. With years of experience, we have been dedicated to serving numerous clients across the Middle East, specialising in sour gas analysis. Our comprehensive sour gas solutions not only ensure compliance with local and international regulations and safety standards but are also preferred by many clients for their fully automated modular concept.

Our system is designed to analyse not only H2S gas but also CO2 (Carbon dioxide), C1 (Methane), C2 (Ethane), C3 (Propane), and C4 (Butane) gases remotely, safely, and accurately throughout unmanned operations. We can further enhance the reliability of your operations by combining our real-time wall thickness monitoring system with an H2S gas analyser. This dual approach significantly reduces the risk of equipment failures, minimizes potential liabilities, and provides an extra layer of assurance to safeguard both the environment and your assets.

This image features our Operations Engineer Thevaruban Ragunathan conducting real-time ultrasonic wall thickness checks at the client's onshore facility as part of the pre-installation process.