SMS comprehensive services to support your CCUS project's success.

SMS Team / June 14, 2023

CCUS, which stands for Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage, is an essential component in the global attempt to decrease Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emissions from industry to atmosphere. The primary objective of CCUS is to capture CO2 and redirect it for utilization in a range of industrial applications, including the production of chemicals, plastics, and fuels. Another objective is to captured CO2 and securely store it within geological formations such as depleted oil and gas reservoirs.

To ensure safe and efficient CO2 transport for utilisation or storage, the transport pipeline must be diligently cared for and maintained. SMS provides corrosion measurement services due to CO2 gas streams, which might result in loss of containment and release of CO2 into the environment. Use our expertise in detecting corrosion on your facilities. We can also directly measure the percentage volume of CO2 captured using our gas analyser equipment. This allows us to verify the condition of assets in real time, allowing for immediate response and proactive facility maintenance activities.

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