Enhanced Protection for Real Time UT Sensors

SMS Team / June 1, 2023

Here are the pictures showcasing the Real Time UT (RTUT) sensors installed at one of our client's well test sites in the Middle East. This installation holds special significance as it marks the commercialisation of our sensor's protective bespoke cap, a great achievement brought to life by the dedicated efforts of SMS Technology R&D team in Aberdeen, UK.

The cap plays a vital role in safeguarding the sensors, ensuring their optimal performance throughout their journey from transit to on-site installation where it will securely hold the sensors in place using the integral magnet in the sensor housing. This will prevent the sensors from damage and contamination during transit and on-site movement.

To further enhance its functionality, a lanyard has been integrated between the cap and sensor cable. This lanyard serves the purpose of preventing the cap from easily falling off and ensuring a secure attachment to the sensor cable, providing an added layer of protection and convenience.